Thursday, February 19, 2009

Write it Down


Facebook is teaching me the value of short posts/comments!!!

I want to tell you that there is something so therapeutic in cleaning a house.

Satisfying, when it is done, or nearly so. I don't like the activity, though, so I play music as loud as I can stand (or as loud as I think the neighbors will tolerate at the time) and go to it.....makes the time feel good....

My house is NEARLY clean....I have to dust the mud room (boy, that does sound hopeless, doesn't it???) and vacuum the floors, then mop....about an hour or so of work.

Then it will look and feel so nice....and then I have to write a song. David's class. A song about an historical event. I was thinking about Clara Barton (beings as i am a nurse), a friends family history (he is an ancestry buff), and then slavery (making it personal/first person), and finally an idea that seemed the best that I can't recall and didn't write down (cause it was so good I was sure to remember).


How many time before I learn that lesson? Write it down?

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