Sunday, December 11, 2011


Making music is my passion.... and last night I was WELL indulged. As one of my facebook friends commented, in these days of increasing darkness, we have to light our own way. I still feel the glow of creativity and beauty in this little house of mine from all the talented, inspired and inspiring folks that played here last night.

I feel a little bad for the few non musicians here, because there were times, lots of times, when we just HAD to play that one again, cause it just felt so damn good, and then, as we ended, we'd start over yet again from the beginning, just to run through it yet *another* time, just looking at each other and keeping that sound moving..... If you ever jam with folks of similar mind set, folks who really really don't do music for ego, they just do music because of IT, because of MUSIC and making that sound with other people making a sound, and together it sounds sooooo much MORE than anything you could do yourself..... if you are a musician, and have that opportunity, you KNOW what I am talking about. That magic.....

It is a transportation. It is a feeling of oneness with the sound and the people and the instruments and the voices and whatever that is in the room that I don't have words for. Transportation.

So, most of the time, I am happy with one or two moments of that when I get together with people. I don't expect, out of four hours, to get there again and again.... lol. Especially singing Christmas songs....

So who were the players? Connie was there, though he 'doesn't play christmas music',  he did strum along with us, adding his bass runs and cool rhythms.  Reene was too, singing along, keeping us going with carols and songs that the rest of us were not sure of, with her strong, pleasant voice. My friends and family, Todd (actually co-host of the party), Paul, and Ken, who chatted and listened and put up with the musicians' never ending (for example) Little Drummer Boy.

Annie, sitting quietly and singing along on each tune, adding her sweet voice to the choir (as well as bringing a delicious baked ziti!)!! Harmonies, melodies and some great rhythmic guitar work came with Betsi, K. as well as her sunny smile and  musicians heart. Playing yet a ANOTHER new song, Simon had us all tapping our feet and smiling during a round of non holiday songs. Mike, man of many instruments as long as he can carry them all in one trip (four last night), added his voice and spirited playing, reminded us regularly to enjoy these songs, and tapped into 'that place' more times than I could count last night. Nick made me listen very closely to 'Blue Christmas' and reminded me again of the beauty of that song, and by extension, all the subsequent songs, as well as adding his voice and guitar. Max can weave magic into any tune with his violin, and we got a chance to listen to HIS music, and, well, it is truly beautiful~ that sound can bring tears or laughter!!!

I really felt a celebration of making music, in this very musical season, in my house, last night. Thanks to my friends, who in sharing it with me, added so much to the evening!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Music

Tonight, I host my favorite party of the year.... a Holiday Sing/Jam. There will be lots of folks here in my tiny house, all come to sing songs of the season and bring joy to each other. I hope your evening is fun and full of light and laughter and music!!!!