Saturday, March 21, 2020


We sure do hope that you are all feeling fine, hunkering down in place, likely afraid of every cough and sneeze from everyone around you and especially yourself. These are some hard times... and likely (sorry!) to get worse before better.

However, it will end, it will get better. There is hope.

We are sure you have noticed all the people who are trying to help folks get through this... video streams from your favorite artists, audible books for free, great take out from your favorite restaurants. Try REAL HARD, if you are able, to continue to support (especially local) folks who rely on your purchases. Be sure to get out in the air (being safe about it....) and spend time doing some of those things you wish you had time for in the past (You DO, now!!!).

Rick and Marilyn likely won't be streaming together unless we can find a way to do it from our separate homes (Marilyn is a high-risk potential carrier, related to her day job). Any ideas- point the way for us!!! As you can see, our gigs are slowly getting canceled, so we won't be seeing you very soon. ~sigh~ The Gig Calendar looked FANTASTIC there for a bit, lol.

Marilyn was working on developing a good-sounding stream, and we think she has figured it out, and maybe will do some short live Facebook streams soon. She will TRY to find times that people are available AND does not conflict with other streams people may want to watch. She hopes that Rick will consider streaming HIS music also. One thing Marilyn has on the agenda - streaming Neil Young covers for her Rustie friends. Hopefully, some of that will happen, maybe this weekend.

In the meantime, please be safe. WHO, CDC, NYDOH are all perfect places to get the real info. Try to not contaminate other people. Be safe.

Be safe.