My main project is Rick and Marilyn.  

"Rick and Marilyn" is an Acoustic Rock duo out of Hudson, NY. Marilyn writes, sings, and plays acoustic rhythm guitar to Rick's amazing lead guitar, performing originals that have great melodies and memorable hooks along with a tasty array of cover songs that you like and remember!


I also do solo work.


I LOVE singing with Betsi Krisniski!!

Betsi Krisniski and Marilyn Miller bring you classic folk, rock and pop songs, sung with fine harmonies and interesting musical stylings, making the familiar songs have new life! 

Betsi is a fresh and folky singer/songwriter/musical scientist from Hudson, NY. Smooth vocals, witty lyrics and intricate fingerpicking detail her songwriting and song-singing, and have been compared to the likes of Joni Mitchell, Ani DiFranco and Suzanne Vega. When there isn't a bonfire to play at, or a crowd seated to play to, she enjoys spending sunny Saturdays on the sidewalks of Warren Street in Hudson, NY with her musical family, Hudson Busk. 

Also a member of Hudson Busk, Marilyn provides the edgy alto vocals, rhythmic strumming and folky fingerpicking for this duo. It is easy to hear her influences: Neil Young, Patti Smith, Janis Joplin. Often playing as half of the duo, Rick and Marilyn, making music with Betsi provides the opportunity to create sweet harmony and creative soloing.

Together, Betsi Kriniski and Marilyn Miller bring you a joyous mix of covers that you remember but rarely hear, in a harmonious package of great vocals. Come and check them out!


And Hudson Busk


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