Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Womens March, 2018

This year, I stayed home... and marched right here in Hudson NY with several thousand other folks.... yeah, in tiny little Hudson. I was asked to Busk prior to the rally, in 7th Street Park. My new performance mantra.... be responsible for your own sound. This time I brought my amp and complete rig... but I never asked where they would be setting up, so I didn't have electricity... so much for being completely self contained, LOL!!!! But eventually, the folks setting up the sound for the rally arrived and I plugged in my rig, and started to sing.
I planned to sing some familiar songs, some unfamiliar songs and a couple of my own originals. The folks I sang to, sang right back at me at every opportunity!!! YES!! Pete Seeger, one of my heros, would have been happy. I was even given a crowd tape that proves my audience had harmony as well as smiles, wonderful signs, and good will!!! Thank you!
Here is one of the videos I received this morning.... the song is an original...