Friday, April 3, 2015


So..... recently, when I have had the opportunity to say what do I DO in music, I say I am a Street Singer. Yep, a singer/songwriter who loves to sing for passersby in the street.

That is what I identify most strongly with. Singing in the Street.

On Warren, mostly, but I have busked in Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, and Glascow.....  and Warren Street.

Mostly Warren.

And I did that tonight. Mexican Radio. With Betsi!! Thank you SO MUCH- for your beautiful voice! .... and Peter T, keeper of the street beat....  :)   Let's not forget LightingRick, doing the guitar thing he does so well!.....

Some people waved at us. Some stopped to listen. Some just thanked us in some other way.

We made a LOT of people smile tonight, and that is what it is ALL about....