Friday, December 9, 2022


Happy Holidays and a FANTASTIC New Years!!!

 Ah, yes, the year is winding down. December just started and it is already a third gone. Lots of our friends are having a holiday season unlike any they have had in the past, and after the past three years, that says a LOT. Our hearts go out to you folks in that position. 

Please, everyone, help each other find the peace of the season and spread around as much love as possible. We can all do that. And, in most cases, the more we each put out, the more that comes back around. 


And, something to help us!!!  Marilyn is rewriting our intro materials both for listeners and for venues we hope to play. Some questions:

How would you describe our music/sound? What do you like about it? Genre? 

Do we remind you of any other artists (some folks are creative with that question, like a friend once said, "a cross between Mary Travers and Jimi Hendrix", lol)

Please, just hit reply and send us your thoughts... often, just off the top of your head is best. We SO appreciate ANY help with this.


I am still hoping to put together an upgraded video of my Christmas Night tune this year!!! Maybe next time Rick and Marilyn get together to practice, I will think of it and turn on the camera!

In the meantime, consider coming to the live stream, at 1 pm est on Sundays. It is on Facebook and YouTube at the same time. I will post the links below. You can also see the video after we finish in either place. I am thinking of adding our stream to Twitch, as I hear the music community there is growing and very active. Whichever URL you go to, please keep refreshing the page until you see us. Sorry, the stream will not just start for you when we come on if you are just waiting at the URL, and that is how it works, nothing we can do but ask you to refresh your browser (in Chrome, it is a little circle arrow immediately to the left of the address bar, click it). Somewhere on the page while you are watching, there will appear 'Click here to get notified of future live streams by this artist' or something like that, and you can try that to also find us easier. 

And we have FUN! You are welcome to chat with the folks in the stream, it does not affect us playing at all!!!  And if you prefer to peak in, WE can not see when you come or go (ever), so come and see what it is about. If you want to let us know you are present, post! 

please email music @ Rickand Marilyn. com  (take out the spaces), respond below in 'comments' or you got this as an email, just hit reply. We appreciate ANY help with this.

Oh, yeah, and here are the live-stream URLs. Hope to see you there!

Livestream on FaceBook

Live stream on YouTube