Sunday, October 14, 2018

What's Next?

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you have seen me write about learning music and performance skills. Thoughts about practice. Particular performances. Life changing events. Recording records. Pretty much anything having to do with my musical life and some things that had nothing to do with music.

I have three main projects now.... Rick and Marilyn, my acousto-electric duo with Rick Warren. Beer-Stained Fiddle, a bluegrass/newgrass assemble. Of course, Hudson Busk. And, as often as it can happen, singing with Betsi Krisniski. Ok, that is four... but Hudson Busk is part BSF and part Betsi and me.

The project I work hardest on is Rick and Marilyn. Gig-getting and promo and keeping websites up to date and all that tend to gobble up my time.

And now, a record. I am still unsure of the form it will take, but do know I am naming it What's on my Mind, because, well, that is what it is all about. Various things from my life that have happened over the past few years, since I last got up enough gumption to say, time for a record. Much of it is having to do with my family, for better or worse. I won't go any further into that  :)  You can take that anyway you choose  :)

I have also been watching my musical friends put out albums, get gigs, get radio interviews and be so successful (isn't it wonderful!!!) .... and I have recently learned that there is a whole bunch of people out there wanting to tell artists like me how to get more fans, more listens, and maybe even some compensation for the all the work. So, I have read a lot, watched videos, listened to podcasts.... and some of the things they teach sound ok to me, some sound a bit pushy (or a LOT pushy)-- but the bottom line is, I want to play more live shows. All over. I LOVE making music in front of an audience, and if I can judge by the smiles and compliments and dancing, audiences love what I do. I want to do more. So, it appears that PROMOTION is the way to do that. ~sigh~

SO the point of this post (is there really a point?)--I will be 'marketing' to some of you. (Don't you dislike that word? I do- almost as badly as disliking 'promotion') So, I ask you-- Let me know when it is not welcome. Let me know what you particularly like (that helps plan in the future).  Let me know anything you think will help me on my journey.

I know, even this blog entry is a little odd. But then, so am I :)