Sunday, January 15, 2012

Music....Is it only for the most talented?

"Use what talents you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that are the best."~Henry Van Dyke

Hmmmmm..... There is a constant debate I have with certain friends. It usually starts with a comment like, 'Music like that should be outlawed', or 'There should be rules that stuff that bad can't be heard in public'.

This is why so many of us, even those with a great skill, a beautiful voice and a wonderful gift, are shy about playing 'in public'. SOMEONE will hear them and have a criticism. Their tone is poor, the production stinks, their pitch is off, the rhythm is not accurate.

I believe that we all,  rank beginner to amateur to professional, have things to learn and get better at.  I don't mean to say that we should all just make a noise and TOO BAD to folks that don't like it. No. You do need to respect the natural laws that govern a sound that feels good to hear. You need to respect the fact that you have something to learn, and that you can get better. When playing with others, you need to understand and listen and contribute in a way that compliments the song.

But if you love music, and want to try to make it, and love to do that, it is not up to me to judge the value of your sound. It is up to me only to find my relationship to it:  to personally like it or not, to continue to listen to it or not. But judging value??? Nope. Art is a distinctly human activity that has worth just by being created.

There is a lot of music that I personally can't listen to, it just rubs me the wrong way. But that doesn't mean it is BAD, it means it does not do anything FOR ME. The music is still valid for someone, if only the creator. 

So, if you want to make music, do it. Practice. Listen to others. Get better. But don't wait until you sound like Adele before you venture into the world..... first of all, you probably won't sound like Adele, EVER. Second of all, you will never experience the joy of performance or the joy of making music with other human beings, and THAT is a great loss for you.

The question is: Is Music Making only for the elite?? Or for all?? I sure do LOVE to listen to great musicians, and catch as many shows as I can. But I also love to play with and listen to just ordinary people making music solely for the love of the sound. I still believe that music is better as a participant sport, as opposed to a spectator sport.

The joy that a person gets out of making music has no relationship to his/her talent, thank heavens. And, in actual fact, talent bears little relationship to the joy a person can give others by playing music. And ALL music made in joy has validity.

SO..... SING!!!!  And remember what a good friend said to me about 'making it' in music..... 'I MAKE IT every time someone hears me and feels a little better that day.'  THAT is what it is all about.......

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

KarmaTube: The Power of Music

KarmaTube: The Power of Music

Jack Leroy Tueller's decision to play his trumpet for the last remaining Germany sniper threatening his unit so moved the sniper that he couldn't shoot, and surrendered the next morning. By choosing to play 'his love song', Jack recognized the fear and loneliness common to all of us. Now 90, he shares his story....

Video from KarmaTube