Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Songs: Something We Can Do

Something we can do

This song came out of my questioning the great divisions now apparent in this country, the USA.


Everything is so messed up right now, what can any one of us do? This idea that the poor are somehow responsible for the economic problems of blue collar and white collar workers is a big thing. And then, of course, the Republicans and Democrats are also hating on each other.

You’ve heard the joke, right? A rich man, a working man, and a poor man are seated at a table with 100 cookies. The rich man takes 99 cookies and says to the working guy, you better watch out, that poor man is going to steal your cookie.

I mean, really, that is, in my opinion, the absolute BEST analogy of the current situation. We are *taught* that idea on purpose. The ultra-rich, the people who own everything, they work hard to divide us. And they can. They own the means of mass communication. They have to make sure that none of us trust the ‘other’, whoever that is- poor, immigrants, gay folk. Anyone that they can get you to hate.

And the further they can break up communication among us common folk (yeah, I absolutely include professional folks in that label), the better for them. Our ONLY salvation is when we, the rest of us, the 98% of the population, understand that if we worked together, ‘they can’t stop’ us. That is the *SOME* *THING* that we can do.