Sunday, April 11, 2021


 I am sitting on my porch, Screendale, watching a bright Gold Finch at the feeder, realizing that yesterday, there was no green on the neighbor's tree although there is now, and waiting for some April shower, which is sure to bring May flowers, right? I already have FLOWERS, the spring flowers which last such a tiny tiny time. And peepers, which were late this year. The birds are singing and it sounds more like dusk than 4pm by the loudness of it all. I just LOVE the way that life slowly then suddenly POPS out in the spring and everything is green or yellow or blue! 

We just finished Brunch with Rick and Marilyn, our live stream that happens every Sunday at 1pm EST. We have a solid group of folks who come most weeks, but there is always room for more! And unlike a live show, everyone loves it when you sing and 'chat' online. There are two ways of joining us:  Facebook and YouTube. Come check us out! Here is an example of what we do: