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Thanks to WGXC and Tom Roe, I have this complete version of my song, Something We Can Do.
Enjoy it.
But even more.... talk to each other in love, forget hate.

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Private Parties

I played a private party last night. I played there last year too. It is one of my favorite gigs..... people sit and have fun eating, talking, swimming, watching the fire and fireworks and I have a lot of fun, singing for them.

This year I invited Betsi and Mike to play with me, and it worked beautifully! We had people dancing, some who paid us a lot of attention, and like always, we had the folks that just had a good time around us..... we like it all.

We also had a guest, Tommy, who really added to the sound, and he sure seemed to have a great time!!!

What a FUN night.....