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Thursday, June 16, 2011

NIGHTHAWK coming soon.....

For Marilyn Miller, music is a mental, physical, and emotional activity: totally engaging, offering constant opportunities to grow, to explore, and to connect with audiences and other artists. This summer, the release of her 10-song debut album, Nighthawk, showcases her unique voice, her mastery of a wide range of song styles, and her emotional depth.

Nighthawk, produced by Todd Mack of Off the Beat 'N' Track Studio in Sheffield, MA, is a collection of songs ranging from the punkish-rock of "Crash and Burn" to the down-home country of "Crater." She doesn't stop there, however: there are also some folky ballads, a straight up blues piece, and then the title song – likely, you will want to listen to Nighthawk in the dark, with head phones. Marilyn's songs are highly personal, with catchy, fun and beautiful melodies and honest, thoughtful lyrics. Each song comes all wrapped up in musical magic created by an exciting set of musicians who define each song moment, heavily flavored with guitars of all sorts, pedal steel, violin and viola, piano and drums. This is art of many layers, and you will hear something new with each listen, and find yourself humming these tunes as you move through your day.

Hudson, NY and the surrounding towns have been home for Marilyn for most of her life, and her music deals with the contradictions inherent in an area which is at once both very rural and very urban. It is no surprise that, given the diversity of her sounds, her favorite musician is Neil Young, a man well known to follow his muse wherever it takes him. His influence is evident in these songs. As a performer, Marilyn is most often compared to Patti Smith, no doubt due to the high energy she displays in presenting her work, and her dedication to always seeking the truth in the music.

Live shows are planned locally throughout the summer, and you will also be hearing these songs on several local radio stations and internet stations. Marilyn has also been asked to perform on a local community TV station. The schedules and listings can be found on

This album has been put together with the loving help of many talented friends, from the album art work, to the players, to the people who have cheered her on along the way. She is a solid fan of live music, and you will find her most often encouraging others at an open mic, having an open jam at her country home, supporting a farmers' market or other cause, or busking on the streets of her hometown.

 All to keep the music flowing through....

Sunday, June 12, 2011

As an artist, what keeps you going, I am asked.......

What keeps me going? 

When I look up and see folks smiling and dancing and moving. I think that music is something that draws people together, makes them feel good, gives them some new ideas to think about or maybe expresses a feeling or a thought that they were not able to put together before. I think that music makes absolute and unique changes in a person's mood and psyche. Music heals like nothing else. Music puts us in touch with ourselves and with others in ways that are hard to define, but nevertheless, real and felt by the musician as well as the listener. Probably the first music we ever hear is the beating of our mothers is an irreplaceable part of being human. Connecting with all of that is what keeps me going, keeps me listening, keeps me playing......