Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ahhh.....summers evening....

Ah, it is not even 9pm and already it is getting dark here in NYS. The birds were singing just a moment ago.....many voices all singing their own personal song. After a while, you can hear the differences in the voices....very subtle, but somehow still very distinct. Those voices now are all quiet. A solitary bird calls out, but falters and stops. Somewhere near an insect starts a racket, but is also soon quiet. There is serious trouble for someone, I know because the ambulance and medic race by, but that too is soon distant, then gone.

I see now it is an accident, the fire truck goes by and a few more lighted, fast vehicles.

When I used to hear the peepers, now I hear the crickets and I wonder....are they early this year?

And the bats fly by, and I know there is sound there, but I can't hear it. I do hear the Canadian geese looking for their pond and a place to spend the evening.

 And i realize that much of what I experience while outside, in my yard, on this night, is SOUND. Last night at this time I was finishing my first set, making sound that it seemed people were enjoying.....I had lot of people there, listening to the music I made with my friend David, and enjoying it, maybe not as much as I was, but certainly they were having a good time. Making music. A wonderful experience.

The helicopter landed, the ambulance is not there yet...I wish the best for whoever is affected....and whatever best may mean, given the situation.

And I will send this post off before the mosquitoes eat me alive!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New GIGS, this week!!!

I hope your summer is going really well!!! I have been very busy, particularly these past two weeks....Had two shows this past Saturday--the Copake Farmers Market and a private party! Both went really well, although the Farmers Market was a little wet.

This week, I also have two shows, and I hope you can come out and make them. The first is in Hillsdale, NY and is a competition (decided to do this for the experience and learning that is sure to happen...). The way the competition works is that there are three judges (gosh, I don't like that term as applies to MUSIC!) who rate an artist on Songwriting, Performance and Muscianship. The really cool part is that 25% of the total score comes from the audience. Therefore, to increase your score, and chance of winning the prize (which is the chance to record three songs in a studio with a producer!!! GREAT experience and opportunity), the artist is encouraged to stock the audience with friends!!!

I know this is short notice, but if you are able to come out and support me, I sure would appreciate it....

Next up for shows is the Inquiring Minds Bookstore in Saugerties, and a friend or two may stop in to add some 'extra touches' to my songs, so that should be a fun show. Starts at 7pm right in the heart of Saugerties, NY.

Hope to see some of you this week!!!