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What's On My Mind is HERE!

And you have choices on where to get it (each choice has a clickable link) 1) Come to a show 2) CD Baby is selling both digital ...

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Valatie Community Theater gig!

On May 4, 2019, The Rick and Marilyn Band, consisting of Marilyn Miller, Rick Warren, Mike Pagnani, Peter Tenerowicz and Jon B. Woodin will be hosting a show called 'An Evening with Marilyn Miller and Friends!

The Friends will be leading the line up with Betsi Krisniski, Jon B. Woodin and County Panic (Mike Pagnani, Scott Mahoney, Tim Farley and Tommy Sharp). 

Betsi is a singer-songwriter who has played with Marilyn as a duo as well as a lead part of Hudson Busk and is an amazing solo artist. Her unique guitar playing and wonderful singing will surely light up the night!!

Jon B. Woodin is known for his solo work as a singer-songwriter, as well as support for Ryder Cooleys 'Dust Bowl Faries' and the duo 'Hudson Dusters'. He has a voice and manner that brings to mind James Taylor, and is a real joy to hear.

Mike Pagnani will be bringing a new band to the show called County Panic. He plays with Hudson Busk, Beer-Stained Fiddle and is a key player on the record, 'What's on my Mind', as well as leading 'Pub Sings' at various venues in the area. 

I hope you can see that this is a night NOT TO BE MISSED!!

Valatie Community Theater

3031 Main Street

Valatie, NY

May 4, 8pm, $10 Suggested Donation


Rick and Marilyn will also be playing at the new venue, Hudson Underground Gallery next Friday at 8pm (April 19, 134 Warren Street, Hudson). Please join us there as well!!!

Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Songs: Something We Can Do

Something we can do

This song came out of my questioning the great divisions now apparent in this country, the USA.


Everything is so messed up right now, what can any one of us do? This idea that the poor are somehow responsible for the economic problems of blue collar and white collar workers is a big thing. And then, of course, the Republicans and Democrats are also hating on each other.

You’ve heard the joke, right? A rich man, a working man, and a poor man are seated at a table with 100 cookies. The rich man takes 99 cookies and says to the working guy, you better watch out, that poor man is going to steal your cookie.

I mean, really, that is, in my opinion, the absolute BEST analogy of the current situation. We are *taught* that idea on purpose. The ultra-rich, the people who own everything, they work hard to divide us. And they can. They own the means of mass communication. They have to make sure that none of us trust the ‘other’, whoever that is- poor, immigrants, gay folk. Anyone that they can get you to hate.

And the further they can break up communication among us common folk (yeah, I absolutely include professional folks in that label), the better for them. Our ONLY salvation is when we, the rest of us, the 98% of the population, understand that if we worked together, ‘they can’t stop’ us. That is the *SOME* *THING* that we can do.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

What's On My Mind is HERE!

And you have choices on where to get it (each choice has a clickable link)

1) Come to a show

2) CD Baby is selling both digital and CDs

3) Amazon Music (digital)

4) iTunes/Apple Music (digital)

5) Bandcamp name your own price

ENJOY IT!! I think you will!

And- to help me, after you give listen, give a review... on ANY of the sites above... OR, spread a link on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram with your personal thoughts about the record. THAT is so immensely helpful. Tag me, but also tag your favorite support person... Rick Warren, Peter Tenerowicz, Mike Pagnani, Aaron Martin. They all worked so hard and they ALL sound so GOOD!

Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

CD Release Party and Digital Album Presale

CD Release Party

February 17, 2019, 6 pm

35 South 3rd Street
Hudson, NY  12534

We are gonna have FUN!! Rick Warren, Peter Tenerowicz, Mike Pagnani and Aaron Martin will be IN HOUSE, and we will be playing the complete album straight through, as well as other originals and covers, followed by a jam (bring your instruments and voices). OR Gallery and Tavern boasts excellent beer and a good, light menu, a fire and lots of friendly people (especially when we are playing!!)

I am so excited by this record, and I can't wait to let you hear it! Come CELEBRATE with us!!!

Buy from the Digital CD Presale on Apple Music or Amazon, get an extra song download NOW

To get your copy, you have choices- 1) buy digital now and get an extra song and delivery automatically on the 17th, release day, 2) buy a physical copy from CD Baby on February 17th (I'll remind you) or 3) COME TO OUR PARTY in Hudson NY!!!

Here are the links, with song previews:

AND PLEASE, if you like what you hear SHARE with your friends and family. I appreciate it SO MUCH!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

I Thanked Neil Young for wonderful shows in Minneapolis!!!

The story...

My friend saved me from buying anything at Nordstrom's by asking if I wanted lunch. No, but I'd appreciate the company. We hung out. Then I walked with him to near his place cause I was bored walking around here, and I went through that neat building I posted pics of today (on facebook). 

When I came back through the skyway, there was his son, Ben Young with a group of people around him.  One of those people was Neil Young, who was looking right at me when I looked at him. So, to be polite of course, I said, 'Hi Neil!'!!!!. he said 'Hi' back and smiled. I kept walking. 

But. He. Was. Right. There. My hero.

I turned around and walked past the group again. I heard Neil say as I walked past, Ok, this way, and they started down the hall behind me!!! I had just wanted to walk a ways past them and see if I could get a pic, but that was now impossible. So, I paused to look at something on the wall and collect my thoughts, got some courage and turned and walked right past them again. When I looked at Neil, he's already looking right at me. Again. (Maybe it was the NY hoodie? Or The 90 minutes I had right under his feet yesterday? Lol.) So I said something like, 'I just wanted to say, I am really enjoying these shows here in this place.' He nodded, and a big smile, and said, 'thank you very much' in that real sincere way that he says it from the stage... and we both kept walking.