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Monday, February 1, 2021

Stripes and Stars

January 6, 2021.  Armed insurrectionists stormed the Capitol in Washington D.C.

We watched it on the internet or on TV, just like 9/11.  It seemed unreal, just like 9/11. 

We saw the confederate flag waving in the capital of our nation, alongside Old Glory.  A previously defeated flag, which stands for beliefs that are counter to the ideal of our nation regarding liberty and justice for ALL. That disturbed me, and I hope it disturbed you. 

So, I have a copy of the Constitution of the United States, and I actually READ it. I had been aware of comments about the idea that our Founding Fathers were slave owners and that parts of the Constitution were based on the idea that liberty and justice for ALL meant just white men.  But that is NOT what I read. Granted, it took some years to include people of color and women, but they are there and presented as equal. Ideas that are progressive and that we can be proud of, are THERE. 

And I started thinking that the red, white, and blue flag stands for that. Yeah, it gets flown a lot around war activities, too. But right now, I am just thinking about that flag as a symbol of the ideas of democracy, freedom, and justice that our republic is built on. No, we are not THERE yet, but this nation is rooted in these ideas, and still moving forward. We have to and can realize them more fully.

So, I wrote a song about it. And here it is, performed by Rick and Marilyn....

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Covid Musings, Volume II

 Well, it has been a while since writing here. I don't really have an 'excuse'. So many things are happening in the world, in my community, and in my life, but at the same time, everything is on hold (again). I have stocked up supplies for two weeks, I won't go inside places if I don't need to, I'm absolutely using sanitizer all the time, and, of course, my wearing of masks in public is an always thing. Sigh.

I am thinking a lot about two main ideas that I want to write about here. I think I have always known these things, but COVID life has certainly illuminated these needs for me in some special ways.

LOVE is very important, maybe even the KEY, to getting through this virus intact. You know I am not talking about romantic love, or even 'unconditional love' or 'best friend' love. No, the kind of love I am talking about is just general love of other living things. Practicing this kind of love makes you automatically respectful of other people, automatically polite, automatically KIND. I think that the word for this type of love may be agape, and although I am not fond of the religious connotations in the common usage of that word, that is the closest term I can find for what I am talking about. Love with charity. Love just because.  Love that is not earned, it just IS. Some people, like the woman I work with named April, shows that type of love just naturally, but I think that most of us have to work very hard to practice it.  And the practice of LOVE is SO MISSING in the mask arguments, the political arguments, the show of guns, the destruction of common norms of social behavior (like no name-calling, no hurtful lying, no stealing, etc). It would be wonderful if we all would just take a step back and remember LOVE, first. I bet figuring out what to do about our issues would fall into place a whole lot easier.

The second idea might not seem so lofty, and some think that it is 'just' entertainment, but music is a cooperative team sport, in my mind. And in a world where we have to necessarily isolate much of the time, it is difficult to make music as it should be made.... by musicians, playing to an audience, live.  At the very least, there are two on the team... the artist and the audience. Yes, I know, much, if not most, music is created and made by lone people playing into a recording device. But the MUSIC is not really whole if there is no one to hear it, enjoy it, feel it besides the maker.  And, it usually sounds better, is more interesting, and speaks more to the heart, when there are several musicians all working together on the sound of the song. Although, yes, sometimes we record separately, there is NOTHING like the feel of being in the same physical space with another musician you work with and coming up with SOUNDS that make your brain and body soar! COVID has basically made doing that a risk to your very life. And then... to make that music live in front of other people!!! And ALL of you are listening and moving to those same sounds.... THAT is something so very basic to life that I am at a loss of how to describe it any better. I just know that for many of us, music is an ultimately social thing that is also SO MISSING in the world right now.

I am sure that people reading this have other important ideas that they are learning about... maybe things like family time or the importance of taking care of your mind and body. Yep, whatever makes your world, work it. I think most will agree that we absolutely DO need each other.  But we also have to continue to be safe, for the love of each other.

Which brings to mind one of the memes I have recently seen that really puts it together....

We isolate now so that when we gather again, no one is missing.



Be safe folks!

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

SATURDAY at 4pm est
Rick and Marilyn + their guitar slinging friend Bugs, play Neil Young in benefit for Hope for Miracles!

Hi!  We hope this finds you well!  We want to invite you to a special on-line event this Saturday, at 4-6pm est. We will put the links below. Let me tell you a little bit about the history, and maybe you will come and join us, right at your computer (ok, push the stream to your TV, we should look and sound a little better up there!)

Many years ago, Dave and Jean, WAY up in the Adirondacks, bought a piece of property they named "Cripple Creek", right on the Ausable River. As they developed this little bit of heaven into a sharable space, they came up with an idea to host a yearly Neil Young oriented weekend. ARF (Adirondack Rust Fest) was born!

The parties attracted a bunch of Rusties (Neil Young Fans) from the Northeast USA and Canada, who remain good friends to this day. However, over the years, things change and morph and now Dave and Jean run a pub, 20 Main, in Jay, NY. For several years, Rick and Marilyn have played Neil Young songs at the pub on the second weekend in August... what has still been the ARF weekend all these years.

And now, Pandemic Time. This year we were going to do the Neil Young tribute as a backdrop to a benefit for Hope for Miracles, a group local to Dave, Jean and 20 Main, that raises money for childhood cancers (as a tribute to the child, Karson, who has suffered Neuroblastoma for most of his life). We worried about having too many people in a small space (Darn COVID) and Dave decided he could not do it this year. For the first time, I think, since it began, ARF in ALL forms was canceled!!!!

NO!  As you know, we have been streaming weekly from my house most of the pandemic. We offered to do that  for ARF, and Dave, Jean, and Hope for Miracles agreed!!! And... it will be live-streamed at the links below, where you will also find links to Hope for Miracles. We are SO excited to continue this event and be able to bring it now to so many different folks!!! I understand the live stream will be on view in 20 Main, as well as in my backyard and on YOUR computer.

Best of all, our friend Rusted Bugs will bring his guitar and give some of his versions of Neil Young songs. The last set of the day will be all three of us, along with our friend Peter Tenerowicz on drums!! I promise, it will




Click on links below for live stream

Rick and Marilyn, Rusted Bugs, and Peter Tenerowicz

Saturday, August 8, 2020

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Marilyn's Website


Monday, May 25, 2020

COVID Continues... and so does live streaming.....

I know. This is getting old. I want to sing to PEOPLE....

...not a computer screen. But it is not yet the time. We have to continue social distancing to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and even people we don't know. And that is OK. What is most important is that we are all alive to tell the stories of ISOLATION in the future!

SO- I am continuing my 'Brunch with Marilyn' series through June. Every Sunday at 1 pm, EST time, I will be on my computer doing a live show for 30-45 minutes. If you have not yet checked it out, feel free to do so. After the performance, I leave the video up for people to watch----AND I have discovered how to stream to several different platforms at the same time. That means that NOW you can watch me live in several places OR watch later where ever you feel most comfortable. This is a list of links so you can catch the show either when I broadcast (make sure you say hi so I know you are there!!!) and later on at your best convenience!!

These are the links: (Click on the name and it will take you there)

My website (YEAH! Right here!)    The LIVE window is here, on the first page, under the album player. Generally, it will be blank except when I am streaming. However, I see that it links to all the other places you can see me live.... Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.... so if you forget the links, try this FIRST. On some of those channels, you can 'follow' me, which I THINK will allow you to get reminders according to the schedule I pick (Sunday at 1 pm, EST). PLEASE, if you watch here, let me know how it goes because I (obviously) can't check it out myself!!!

Facebook Live   It is here that most people follow me! Did you know you can also be notified whenever I have a live stream? Look for the link..... Be a part of the group there or start a trend at one of the other streams!!!  I know a lot of folks don't like Facebook and that is ok... I am looking forward to people telling me how it goes at the other sites.

Twitch- Never heard of it? Me either, but I have seen a few shows over there, and the stream is pretty good. I hope my stream is also!!! Please let me know if you try it and what your experience is. It looks like copies are not stored there either  (update... there is a place for it, but my live stream from yesterday is not visible)... it might be that the only place to see old sessions are Facebook and YouTube. The GREAT thing about Twitch is that you can sign up to be notified of streaming activity on the folks you follow there. (Twitch is not primarily a music site, it is mostly a gaming site). 

YouTubeLive  It looks like this is the place to go to watch me LIVE NOW.  It has a chat that I believe I can see from my software. AGAIN, I would LOVE to have someone check it out this Sunday and let me know!!!  Click on this link or the link on my website... I made up the title youtubelive... LOL

YouTube, My Channel  And this is where to watch a past live stream. There are two there now for you to check out.. the first that I manually uploaded when I started streaming, and the last one using the new streaming software that I have. If you are not sure you want to go through the hassle of remembering to check it out live, you can certainly go take a look right now....

OK. I think this is the story!!! See you Sunday! Spread my live streams around to your friends if you enjoy them. And mostly.... be SAFE!!!!

See you soon out there!!!!