Sunday, April 6, 2014

Saturday Night at the Pub

What a LOAD of fun!!

The Peint o Grwr in Chatham, NY is a local pub that has a variety of musical offerings throughout any given year. One of the longest running and most community oriented nights is their Open Mic, run by Pat. As each musician comes in, they are greeted heartily by the others. It is a celebratory mood, and we celebrate making music and seeing each other. It sort of feels like a homecoming. And then, there are the regular listeners, all happy to be there, chatting to each other, but always noticing when the song ends,  to encourage the performer with some appreciative noise. And, there is a house band, a talented group of folks who can hold down the sound with tasty bass lines and spice up the music with wonderful fills and great solos....

This Open Mic has it all..... friendship, networking, house band that makes it all sound GREAT!!! Wonderful to play at, and wonderful to listen to....

Foregoing my own songwriting, I decided to choose easy to play (less challenging for the house band), well known (less challenging for the audience) songs, so I did Dead Flowers, Wagon Wheel and Rocking in the Free World..... and ROCKED OUT!!! Wendy helped out with some fantastic harmonies, Pat gave me really delicious guitar solos, and the bass player (sorry! his name escapes me at the moment, it sure is tough getting old!!) held us all together with his excellent lines!!! What a wonderful, fulfilling, FUN performance!!! Thank you all.....

And the audience! So appreciative of the music, they make it a pure pleasure to play for them....

Finally, the other musicians!!! Again, my ability to remember names is not one of my strong points. There was a young woman who has her first NYC gig very soon, who has a great sound and interesting songs. Aaron, who I think grew up at this open mic, wowed us with his fantastic blues guitar and songs. Connie, who appears everywhere and is one of the pillars of the local musical community. Amy, who came with band and played us some wonderful sounds. Oh, and so very many more, the evening was chock full of music and laughter and good times.

Thank you Chatham, for hosting this monthly musical wonder......

Monday, March 31, 2014

Working Towards a Record

I am getting excited about my current project.... I have asked some of the best musicians I know to help me out in making my next record..... and so far, it is sounding GREAT!

This past Saturday we gathered together, all except one very key player, but we had the rhythm section complete. Drums and bass. What a difference in the sound!! We did six songs in 3 hours, and I think that we have something worth sharing.... A sound, a feel, and folks who can deliver it up....

Thank you to the the musicians who are working hard, making what I have in my head a reality. It is the most amazing thing, to hear your own songs coming to life.....

Stay tuned....

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Farmers Markets! Craft Fairs! Benefits!

Lots of opportunities out there to be heard. My calender is filling up for the summer... but I am still looking for more!! 

Are you having a party/gathering this spring/summer/fall?

Like folk/rock, old classics, new originals? Enjoy guitar, harmonies, uke, violin, banjo music?

.....Then consider inviting Hudson Busk to your event!!! 

Sunday, March 9, 2014


What a long, hard, cold winter it has been.
My yard is STILL covered in snow.
 But there are signs of spring out there.....
Birds are flying and singing!!
 People are on the move!!
We are saving Daylight again (LOL)!!

......and HUDSON BUSK is out in front of Mexican Radio, Hudson, NY, singing and playing for some happy passersby....

Children are fascinated by the sight of people singing and playing guitars on the street.

Adults who are scowling as they rush uptown, start to smile when they see us.

Fellow musicians stop by and add some songs to the mix.

Hudson Busk is all about:


Sharing Music

Having a good time!

Come and join us, stop by to see us, sing a tune with us.... you will find us most Saturdays, singing in front of Mexican Radio, Starting NOW!!!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

New York 2014

A video put together by a good friend about our trip to NY to see NY at Carnegie Hall. Great time, wonderful friends, lot of music and laughter.....