Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dancing Tonight

I am going to call my new song 'Dancing Tonight'.

I know it is pretty weird trying to describe the process of writing this song, in real time. Especially when how I want to describe this part is-- 'Over the Hump'. The song is there, basically. It made me stop and think and feel after I sang it through complete the first time. I think that is a good sign. We will see.

So, the song is done. It is not in its finished version, but that is just tweaking. It has it's basic outline and most of the details. It is about my grandmother. I can't say that she ever danced, but the only thing I ever remember hearing her say good about my grandfather was about his fiddle playing....and i wondered why she left her family and money to follow him into poverty.... He was a charming man, and I could see him playing to a room of people and keeping them happy and moving. I am told that I heard him play, before his parkinsons disease took it away from him, but I don't remember that. I do remember him being pleased that I showed interest in music....his home was filled with unplayable instruments....

I am glad to have known both my grammer and poppy!!

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