Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I read on a message board, from Darin:

'Enjoy the ride kid. Life is short, and you'll be 4o like me before you know it, and you'll regret not jumping on opportunities to play. Don't be a jerk to other players, make friends with everyone, learn everything you can, be willing to teach what you know. And remember, when you're on stage, they are there to see you, and be entertained. Don't be a lump on a log. If they just wanted to listen to music, they'd turn on the radio.'

Wow, thank you Darin!!

That kind of followed close on a suggestion from David Hodge, of Guitar Noise (and the david most often mentioned in this blog, btw) that musicians make the following two resolutions...

Never Turn Down The Opportunity to Hear Live Music


Never Turn Down The Opportunity To Play With Others

The rest of the article is called 'Two Tenets to Live By'. I recommend it.....click on this post title to go there.

Unfortunately, there are times when you gotta choose between the two, and fortunately, there are times when the two are tied closely together. But I agree, that is all some really good advice i have collected tonight...

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