Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Class Reaction

I figured since I have talked so much about the song I wrote here, I should mention the reaction the class had to it last night. What I was happiest with, they also pointed as being the 'good part', and what I was uncomfortable with, I was given advice about fixing....Usually, what the class likes best is what i am uncomfortable about in a song...don't know what that means...LOL.

My favorite comment was over a part in the song when the narrator is saying how she loves to dance. The woman said that in that part of the song, the sensation of dancing and loving it was in the music and melody as well as the lyrics....made her want to get up and spin! That was a comment that made me feel like I am on the right track, that is what i WANT to do with music, make people FEEL.

I guess now that I have written all this, I should put the song up....LOL. But first, I have to be able sing it...this darn cold has my voice all crackly...

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