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Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekend Jam

What a great weekend!! Sorry to those who couldn't make it...we had a great time.

Friday night found some of us stuffed (i have a tiny house) into my livingroom for an acoustic warmup evening....we played guitar and sang until about 2am.....Neil, Dylan, Williams, Prine....lots of different music--got us in the groove for sure....

Saturday we got up and hung around and played a bit but mostly talked and got ready to head out to Davids at noon....
I, Marilyn, was actually EARLY to get to someplace....thanks to my friends here, I am sure....

We pulled up to Davids house, which is really like going to a retreat somewhere....a large house in the Berkshires on the side of the ski slope...yes RIGHT THERE. We set up and started playing and although we each took short breaks, as a band I don't think we really stopped until dinner....supplied by nan and david--delicious!!!!--and it was back to the music. We again played a wide variety of songs and styles (we did a round robin/song circle, so that everyone had a chance to play the songs they liked best). David played us his new acoustic fingerpicking song, which I just love....Powderfinger and Time Fades Away got new treatment with a banjo solo....we found new harmonies and guitar parts for other songs....there was a lot of great creativity happening, which we did not capture in recordings at all.....but we who were there know the good sounds that got made, and we even have an audience that will verify (except i was told that if we played surfer joe one more time, i might have been hit....LOL)

While we were still moving, we packed up davids space and left for our next destination....Jill's country home....where we finally winded down another acoustic songfest about 3am....needless to say, no one picked up the guitar Sunday morning, I think my fingers have blisters on top of the callous'!!!!!

I want to thank you all for coming....Jim for the great drumming (i wished we had been a little more attentive to your song requests!!!!), Mark for his great choices of D C G songs, guitar playing and vocals, Nan for her harmony, guitar and songs.....David for hosting us, feeding us, providing whatever interesting instruments to spice up the sound, playing bass for us, and some of those leads were RIPPING!!!! Very, very cool......Deb, thanks for being the greatest audience, Jill for the bed, food and laughs, Kathy for the wonderful friendship and Wanda for once again making me laugh!!!

I had needed this weekend so badly and today i feel like i am energized for the coming week....thank you all so much for making it such a great time!!!!!

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