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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sing Alongs

I just recently sent this to a mailing list, but it is much like the sort of stuff i like to put here it is!!

sing alongs....

one of my favorite singing moments (and yeah, i am wracking them up as much as i can, i play and sing with folks every single chance i can....)

i was at a song circle and it was late and it was my turn, but half the group decided to leave (yeah, right when it was MY turn!!!)

so i started to play 'leaving on a jet plane'
i know, hokey song, but people LIKE it
and you know, all those people stopped shuffling their things, some guitars got pulled back out of their cases, and we all sang that song was SO COOL, made me feel so good.....i love pulling people into a song like that...

happened again when i played a bar song circle and had all the drunk folks at the bar, singing that song!!!!
THAT is fun...didn't matter what it SOUNDED like....the looks on peoples faces as they sang at the top of their lungs and smiled and was SO COOL....

so, my thing is....just sing/play and be happy....
it is all good
music is for the good feel, not the perfection....

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