Thursday, December 23, 2010

This Night

The stars cut through the night
They twinkle and glow and shine their light
The light that left that star so long ago
Some before the stories that are told
About this night

The air is sharp and chills the bone
The music of the season tells a story well known
Of peace for all the human race
It was the promise, but's not been the case
Even tonight

So what is the meaning of Christmas Day
How can we let peace try and find a way?
I think it starts here in my heart
And like each star, I can add my part
Of light in the night.


Peace is often hard to find
There's more to it than just being kind
But I have seen it in a simple gift
Of time, or song, thats meaning to lift
The dark from a night

So my hope for you on this Christmas day
Is that you let peace try and find a way
That you feel the song in your heart
That you find a way to live your part
Of lighting the night

Lighting the night....
A light in the night.....

Happy Holidays!!!
C. 2010 Marilyn Miller

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