Friday, December 24, 2010

My Gift

A woman I know just came up to me in CVS. I should say right off- she doesn't really KNOW me, I am quite sure she doesn't know I am a musician.

I had seen her shopping a little while before, but she didn't meet my look and I moved on. Now, though, she stood in front of me as I went to the check out and looks up at me with a smile.

She reminds me of Marilyn on that old show, Northern Exposure- she is instantly recognizable as a Native American and she speaks with a slow measured cadence and a slight accent. She presents always as someone who Considers Before Speaking-

But now, she looks at me and smiles and immediately says, in her gentle way, 'I want to sing you a song', and starts, slowly and beautifully, to sing soft words I don't know, but a very familiar melody.

When she finishes, she tells me, 'That was Silent Night in my language', smiles and hugs me and with a 'Merry Christmas', moves to go back to her shopping-

What a Gift!!! Truly a spirit gift......

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