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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pine Trees

Right now the tree guys are here, taking down the two trees next to my house...you who have been here, know the two....
Those big pines right next to that back 'porch' area.....
I just realized, i don't even think i have a picture of them
And i hate the thought of destroying them (though i had to....if lightening or snow or wind or ice conditions were right, and one or both came down, either me and my house are gone, or the neighbors and their house are gone...really, they are that tall and that large and that close....and SOFT wood)

But, it is a pity, they are just going to be saw dust now....and they were living and breathing just this morning
I need some sort of way to honor them.... The truth is, they never did hurt me....Maybe a song....

I wonder, these men who do this for a living...they are nice guys, are they ever sad that they took down a tree?

They seem to understand their business, they must have some appreciation for the trees....but yet, they do this every day

I am sad for my trees.....

My guitars are made of out trees, pine trees as a matter of fact......

Most of them, anyway.