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Sunday, June 22, 2008

David's B-D Party Gig!

Wow! What a great weekend!

It started on Wednesday, actually. I went to my guitar lesson at David's house and had dinner....another great meal!!!! My friend and guitar playing buddy, Glen from Canada had arrived earlier in the day after a grueling trip across NYS from Toronto to the wild Berkshires!!!

We played some pieces....Glen worked out the solo from Jeff Buckley's version of Hallelujah on electric guitar, and with my vocals and acoustic rhythm, we figured we had something worth playing to an audience....and Karen and David agreed....if I get a copy of the tape and Glen agrees, I may just post it, or a link to it, here.....

We also tried on The Losing End (I REALLY like Glens electric guitar playing on that...but that was not recorded), The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down, Big Yellow Taxi and Folsom Prison Blues....again, Glen's feel for creating texture over the guitar and around the vocals is excellent and he is a joy to create music with (as well as just being a good friend and fun companion!), so I was looking very forward to the rest of the weekend...which didn't disappoint!!!

Like always, I worked on Thursday and planned to go to Open Mic at Card Lake Inn. This week was different, though.....Glen was going to be accompanying me!...his first open Open Mic...LOL. Karen also came along, as well as many of Linda's family members (sister, mom and etc) to see Linda and her daughter Cory sing, and Jen and Ed from the office.....

Cory and Sammy played two songs and Cory did her best job ever!!!! Fantastic voice and wonderful expression.....Jen from work also did some pieces and she sure sounds great!!! Glen and I did three songs.....with a 'quiz' (let's see if you can figure out what these songs have in commom...)....Big Yellow Taxi (with Karen on Piano), Hallelujah and The Night They Drove Ol Dixie Down (with Linda doing an excellent job on vocals!!). We ended with Folsom Prison Blues and Karen on Piano, which, for bonus points, also has some tie in with the other three songs!! We had a really nice time and Karen, Glen and I sat and drank and talked until we got kicked out!!

Again, work interferes with fun!! ...but eventually I get to the Uncommon Grounds in time to hear the last student play the recital, and then it was time for the adults....but I was eating!!!! Glen and I had sandwiches and watched the adult students play together. Of note was Lisa, who played and sang two lovely songs she had written....I hope she continues the path...those songs are great! It was also real nice to again see Nick and Greg, David's friends and partners in

After the common ground, Glen and I were getting a little nervous about playing on Saturday and having enough time to get our shit together, so while David and company went out to dinner, we went back to their place to practice. Working out an arrangement of a musical piece can take time and the end, I really liked what we came up with, and I hope (if I find a way to post it) that you do too....

Oh, joy! I don't have to work, but I do have to run some errands, including taking lots of yucky stuff to the dump...which I did before heading off once again to MA. We worked out our pieces, practiced, got nervous, took showers, forgot to eat, did a lot of laughing, took a walk, some took a nap.....

and then it is time to go to the Monterey General Store and set up. My friend Sammy is working the store that night, I find that Nan and Robin have come to support us (thanks guys, i REALLY appreciate it!), other people start to come up, we do a sound check and the show starts!!!

I am still laughing over Glens introduction......
'Here is our friend Glen Polsen from...what town are you from?'
' is a little north of here'

well, maybe you had to be there....

Some highlights for me from David's gig include Alison, Babylon and Wish You Were Here. Nick did a lot of singing, Greg actually sang one too (and sang well!), but his main contribution, as always, is his guitar playing....Glen laid down those textures, Karen supported on piano and David led the show with his guitar playing and singing and great enthusiam.

As things were winding down, I was called up for a solo piece and did Barstool Blues, followed by Hallelujah with Glen doing his great guitar thing (I hope you guys get a chance to hear that!)and David on bongos... and the band helping me with Angel from Montgomery.....then my moments were finished and I got to escape for a while.....

Thank you David for allowing me a piece of your gig to do some music, thanks to Glen for great guitar playing and David, Karen, Nick and Greg for support of many kinds (OH YEAH, and Greg for fixing my string buzz, Nick for his vocal coaching, and David and Karen for just being great friends in between everything else!!! ) I had a great time, guys!!!

I also want to thank Nan for coming all that way to support her friends...what a very nice thing to do!!!....and Robin for also coming out....we are gonna get you on that Open Mic stage one of these days for SURE...

Well, i have to get to work now, I am sure I have forgotten to mention something, likely someone or something important....please forgive me and remember, that is why they call me scattered!!!

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