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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Tree

Ok, so yesterday I was moaning that they were just now taking down those two white pine right next to my house.They are doing so well that I asked them to take down another three....a cherry also on that side of the house that you who have been here may not know it at all, it was hidden....and the two other pines in the back of the house, to the left as you look at my back yard....there is another tree there that will likely also have to come down after getting rid of all the others, but that one kenny could take down for me.....(are you reading this, kenny?)
The maple, of course, is staying.....

AND, they have been hired by two of my neighbors on the spot (now that the two pines have been brought down without a problem...(knock on wood, the bulk of one trunk is still standing, but the guy was like, this is the easy part)

of course, my lawn is a complete mess and all the bushes on that side of the house are also gone, and GOSH the neighbors are CLOSER than EVER now.....

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