Sunday, April 13, 2008

Keep Making Art

"Keep Making Art,
and when you get tired; eat,
and/ or watch movies, every kind
make tea and then Keep Making Art."

Ryan Adams says this on his blog, Froggy. I haven't read through his stuff there, but his sidebar certainly caught my eye. I find him very inspiring...i have read a bunch of articles on him, and he is very devoted to his art.

This quote makes me think that perhaps much is art that is not considered art. For instance, I spend a lot of time arranging my house....and the fact that folks comment on how pleasant it is to be here makes me think that that, too, is art. Of course music is art. Making it and creating it. They say medicine is an art, and as a practitioner, I have to say that yes, that comes from that place in me, too, although it also resides well in my logical, thinking side.

Just some back to practicing that C Major Scale and all it's modes, all over the fretboard. It may not be art, but it prepares me for art....let me see how artfully i can play them. There is a way to touch the strings that just makes the sound so perfect.....

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