Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jamming at my house

Paul came to visit me Thursday night and we played at the Card Lake Inn Open was real good to get up and play with Paul....we played Dead Flowers, Pocahontas, Rocking in the Free World, Star of Bethlehem and The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down (not in that order, thought!!!) One of my friends who comes each week to the OM brought her daughters, who each individually sang a song, backed up by Sammy Brown, the leader of the evening. It is really neat to see these young people discover how cool it is to sing...

After a couple hours at work the next day, i returned home and Paul and I went out to breakfast at a French cafe type place in Hudson, before visiting the local music store and heading back to my place to play some tunes outside, accompanied not only by the birds and bees (yeah, LOTS of bees....) but also the neighbor, backhoeing his lot....LOL

Before long, we were hungry again (i am not much of a cook) and headed out to the local pizza place for a bite to eat. Ended the night with hours more of playing songs and was really cool. I appreciate Paul's contribution to Open Mic and I really enjoyed playing with him all day....Paul also sang quite a bit and I really liked hearing that!

I am still hoping that Robin will make a rapid recovery (she had planned to come today, but feels ill...) and end up getting together with me today and play some more!!!!!....if anyone is wondering what to do with their day, i would surely love to feed this addiction to guitar playing that i have and hook up with you!

There is nothing that i do that feels quite as good as playing guitar for hours....

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