Friday, April 19, 2024


 This past Monday, I saw Bruce Springsteen with my good friend Pam, at her suggestion. We were both Springsteen 'virgins' and I was fasinated by his show.  Pam *really* seemed to get into it. I was ok with it. I am not sure why. Maybe if I was in front of him instead of so far off on the side, I would have been more captivated. But we were so close... I was 6 rows up from the stage, Nils side.  My sound really was muffled. But it was Bruce and it was certainly something to see. I can't say that I could hear the words, so I am not sure what to say about his song writing from a Live perspective (as opposed to recorded). But the BIG music sound was great!! And Bruce's fans... wow. They have something they do for every song (or well known song, i guess). Swaying with hands in the air... what a sight to see ALL those folks doing that... and, being so far on the side, I had a great view of that. And... he cues them. The Boss I guess, lol.

And what it must be, to be on that stage. Having a whole sold out stadium of mostly older people, standing and swaying and singing and dancing. It SERIOUSLY was fun, a good time. How does he do it? Well, he has a lot of people on stage doing a lot of stuff. Lots to look at all the time. And there is not much pause in between the songs. He pretty much goes from one song to another. And he moves alot around the stage. And smiling, touching the crowd, passing something out, maybe picks, putting them into peoples hands. He saw a boy with a handicap next to Pam and was extremely kind to him, paying him some sort of personal attention. Yep, people like it when spirits are high and the person on stage is personal with them. Arkward when there is not a real connection. But making that real connection is important in getting all those folks to pay attention to a band for a SOLID two and a half hours. Bruce does not do a lot of musical breaks, it is mostly singing, telling his stories, I guess. (remember... muddy sound)

What else to learn about Bruce? he really loves giving his fans a good time. Right down to not wasting time. The encore was THERE and then the lights came on. Done. He came out at the stroke of the advertised beginning time. Professional with a heart. Yeah.

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