Friday, February 9, 2024

Brunch with Rick and Marilyn is BACK!


And... we are getting more light every day!!! Yeah!!!  We still have two live shows in February. The first is tomorrow at 9pm (yeah, i know! lol) to 12pm at the Centre Street Pub in Schenectady. Then, on Thursday the 15th we are back at Rock da Casbah in Saugerties. Hope you can catch one of those!!!  And then, you can also enjoy a show right on your computer, whereever you are!


To remind you how to enter the live stream, at 1 pm EST on Sundays. It is on Facebook and YouTube at the same time. The links are below. You can also see the video after we finish in either place. Whichever URL you go to, please keep refreshing the page until you see us. Sorry, the stream will not just start for you when we come on if you are just waiting at the URL, and that is how it works, nothing we can do but ask you to refresh your browser (in Chrome, it is a little circle arrow immediately to the left of the address bar, click it). Somewhere on the page while you are watching, there will appear 'Click here to get notified of future live streams by this artist' or something like that, and you can try that also to find us easier in the future. 

And we have FUN! You are welcome to chat with the folks in the stream, it does not affect us playing at all!!!  And if you prefer to peak in, WE can not see when you come or go (ever), so come and see what it is about. If you want to let us know you are present, post! 

Link to Sunday Brunch on Facebook
Link to Sunday Brunch on YouTube

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