Monday, August 7, 2023


 Yep. This has been an odd summer. Either raining, smokey or too hot. LOL. But... I do get to sit outside on my porch I have named Screendale. And that keeps me pretty happy. 

Rick and Marilyn have a busy August coming up! You can catch us at any of the following shows. If you want a suggestion, it would have to be Rock Da Casbah in Saugerties. Great food, comfortable space, and... Rick and Marilyn!!! LOL

August 11, 11 am        Millerton Farmers Market
August 18, 6:30 pm    Berkshire Busk
August 19, 11 am       Copake/Hillsdale Farmers Market
August 20, 10 am       Rosendale Farmers Market
August 21, 4 pm         ShingleKill Farmers Market
August 25, 6:30 pm    Rock da Casbah, Saugerties 
August 26, 11 am       Delmar Farmers Market

Of course, I always recommend Farmer's Markets!!!


Some of you may be feeling a little more stressed than usual. I am thinking this is a normal reaction to the confluence of the post-pandemic world, the very odd, uncomfortable weather, and the equally disturbing national news.

What can a person do?

I find working for a heartfelt cause is always a good way to get out of a funk. Productivity towards a purpose greater than yourself is uplifting.  Of course, I always find music to be a healing force, and I play and listen as much as possible to live face-to-face music. Can't beat it, right?

But for some, it is still difficult. Difficult to find, or remember, your place in the world. The things that used to give you joy seem to now be more trouble than they are worth. Wow. What happened?

Medical people are advising other medical people that almost everyone in the world can be diagnosed with post-traumatic stress syndrome from living through Covid and all that entailed... lack of socialization, lack of income, losing loved ones, and the fear of illness. We really lived through a pretty bad time folks!!!!

So be patient with yourself. Be especially patient with your loved ones. I have found a few things that have been helpful to me as I try to get back to NORMAL.  I found a (cheap) app called 'Calm', that gives 10-minute meditations and a few programs about learning meditation. I always thought that was silly. If you know me personally, I would tell you that ACTIVITY helps me, not naval-staring. LOL.  Well, I was wrong. I am working on a new outlook and better resilience. You may want to try it out (no, I get nothing from recommending, but I can 'gift' trials to interested folk... and you are welcome to list your own resources in the comments!!!)

I have been walking 10,000 steps now for a while, but realized, doing the same walk daily is not very inspiring. I have been loading the dog into the car and looking for new walks to take!!

I also joined a CSA, and I am eating more veggies and better-for-you meats, and I really do feel physically stronger!!! (And I continue my 'no sugar' plan...)

I found an online teacher for core strengthening. She incorporates yoga into physical therapy, directed primarily towards singers.

Finally, I have returned to practicing and playing for fun EVERY DAY, returning to my old habits.  I am taking a few online music classes in songwriting and singing, with deadlines and stuff to keep me moving and motivated.

Now, none of this was easy. When a person is anxious and depressed, sometimes just getting up in the morning feels like too much. Take your time. Remember that interest you had a few years ago that you stopped (maybe because of covid??). Maybe find a video on Youtube about it. If you have more energy, go out and look for a way to enjoy it, alone or with others. Add to that, a step at a time. Decide to do one thing a day that is fun, and one (at least) outing that includes others (socialization, whether you believe it or not, is EXTREMELY important to your mental and physical health). Start there. 

I don't mean to lecture, but if you have been struggling, as I have, perhaps you can find in my words a tiny amount of inspiration towards getting back to yourself. I hope so!

See you down the road....

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