Sunday, August 27, 2023

One Late Summer Evening at My Local Theater

So, I just came back from seeing Jersey Boys (second row, center of theater in the round... ok, 3/4 round). It was wonderful. Songs that were songs you just gotta move to. And it is really tight in this low-budget local theater, making moving a little challenging. LOL. You know, you do the back-and-forth thing instead of side-to-side. The singing was well done...  think, this is Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, so it is expected that they nail it. Especially Frankie. And they do. Moved along quickly, telling the story well with entertainment. Great way to spend a little time. 

But, I got stuck sitting next to THAT person. 

The one that has to comment about everything to her friend, DURING the show, and NOT in a whisper. But that was not the only thing. She sang, every song, off-key, LOUD. I shot her a couple of 'those looks', but that didn't shut her up. The elderly lady next to me even did the death stare at her, to no avail.

So, break time!!! I am enjoying the show anyway, but I get ice cream and take a little walk before they come out and start ringing the bell to tell us, Show Time!!

As I sit in my seat, the loud woman says, 'Sorry if I offended you.'

'Excuse me?'

'Was my singing bothering you?'

'Well, yes, it was. I came to hear the show, not my seat neighbor'

'Why did you have to complain to the staff?'

'I didn't. Believe me, I would have told you to your face, not talked to the staff.'

'I am just enjoying the show'

'I go to rock shows where it is not welcome to have people singing loud next to you. This place is so small, with such good acoustics, it may have been the actors that told them to quiet you.'


For the remainder of the break, she kept talking, then saying to her friend, I better not talk, someone will get upset. (OBVIOUSLY not understanding!!!!)

After the show started again, she could not help but say ONE MORE THING.

'Just my luck, I have to get stuck next to some hippie!'


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