Wednesday, March 30, 2022


I am back now from Seattle for a couple weeks. It felt so good to get away and see friends that I have not seen in a LOOOOOONG time. Friends that are music people... players, listeners... as well as just FUN folk. 

We went to a show. I have been to a few shows over the past couple of years, but I have always been SO worried about COVID, I found myself distracted mightily from the music. But not this time. I guess I figured I have been in airports, planes, buses and hotels enough that a show is not REALLY gonna be the place I get COVID, if I get it on this trip (I did not, btw).

The artist was Jason Isbell. He is a powerful writer, singer, musician, and performer. Yep, he has it ALL. The music flowed from the stage and washed over us like a warm shower of sound. I spent a while looking at the audience. I was not the only one there enthralled. People moving, hands in the air, eyes closed, just DIGGING the sounds. And Jason and his band were having SUCH a great time! Making music, watching us moving and grooving in ecstasy over the sounds coming from the stage and filling our hearts and minds and drilling deep into the soul. It felt like the whole beautiful theater was elevating! The energy coming at us, into us, and then back to the band. Wow.

Music still WORKS. It still connects people, strangers, all listening and loving the experience. It was lovely. The whole trip was wonderful, but going to show, and sharing the experience in person with hundreds of other souls all connected in our love for MUSIC- that is a memory I will hold close.

That and the following Saturday, when I got to actually share sounds with my friends as we celebrated just being alive and with each other on a cool spring night around a campfire. It was SO SPECIAL, this trip. Partly because of the things I did, but ALL because of the music and the people.

If you are still putting off going OUT, find a way. Do something you love, with people you love, safely (outside, vaccinated, tested). It is so good for your HUMANITY to do that, to be human and with other humans.

Here is a video I found on Youtube of the show:

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