Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Busking On Warren Street

Busking on Warren Street

When I was first asked if I would like to go busk on Warren Street, my first thought was, 'Is it legal?'. I really didn't want to get my name in the police blotter of the Hudson Register Star. I did see the occasional musician or group on the street in front of a coffee house, looking like it was all ok....

My friends assured me that as long as we were not 'vending' (selling, I guess) and we did not use amplification, we would not be offending any lawmakers.  We also could not be able to block the sidewalk or access to businesses or walk ways.

Ok, I can deal with that.  So, a bunch of times this past summer, I could be found with my buddies, standing on the street, singing and playing familiar folk songs.  It turns out to be an experience right up there with all the rest of my musical experiences.

We have had folks stop and tell us that we made their day as they throw a buck or two in the open instrument case laying somewhere near us.  Children stop and dance in front of us while parents take pictures and smile.  Many folks just hurry on by, pretending we don't exist, but sometimes you can see them smile as they look at the sidewalk.  Occasionally people stop for several songs, maybe asking for a favorite or two.  Then there are the ones who hurry away just to bring the rest of their party back to watch, or maybe sing a tune or so with us. 

Again, the old theme.  Music speaks to people.  It 'makes their day'.... And you know, it makes MY day to bring some unexpected joy to folks on the street as they go about their day. 

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