Saturday, July 9, 2011

a fringe benefit of singin' at the farmer's market-

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Working the Farmers Market is harder than one might expect. You stand under a shelter in the heat or the rain or the chill and sing, in this case, for five hours. People walk by and some smile and put a dollar in the collector, others look right through you like you are not even there. Sometimes a whole bunch of folks clap, most of the time, no one acknowledges that you just completed a tune. But, at the end, while we are all packing up, the other vendors will come over to you and gift you and thank you for coming and sharing your music.

I had been staring at this particular sun flower for most of the morning. After all, it was listening to all my songs and the smile never left his face..... My neighboring vendor, and second biggest fan at the market (considering the flower was my first), brought it over to me and said it from the farmer. So cool that I had been watching it for hours!!

I have played now at several local Farmers Markets, and the Hudson one is definitely worth your time. Organic produce in copious quantities, iced drinks, GREAT locally roasted Strongtree Coffee, lots of plants for your garden, all sold by friendly folks. BUY FOOD *DIRECTLY* FROM THE PEOPLE WHO GROW IT!!!! It is one of the best ways to support your local economy and your neighbors.

And it feels good.....

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