Saturday, September 5, 2009

Spotty Dog Gig

Wow. Tomorrow it has been a week already since I played the Spotty Dog Books and Ale. I had a great time, and if you were there, I hope you did too...

First up was Richard Stockton VIII on guitar and vocals. He brought with him a very enthusiastic group of people and sang some hard driving songs.

I brought my own group of great people and we combed the book shelves and drank the wonderful beer that Spotty Dog serves and listened to Richard. I can't say I remember mind was working overtime trying NOT to think about all the ways I could embarrass myself!!!....but none of my imaginings came true.

I sang my songs with little explanation....gotta thing about that. I want my listeners to hear their own meanings in my words and music, rather than have me say who/what/where/when/how....i think the music is better that way. And I have done my job if people can identify with the sounds they hear, not just try to figure ME!!

So I sang many of my own songs and some of Neil and John Prine and John Denver and a couple other covers....and I think I danced with my guitar during most of it, though I am not sure. I amplified my voice only and that seemed to work pretty fine. Near the end of the set, I pulled out my 'sing along songs' and the audience (you guys are great!!) cooperated was at that time that we drew in some folks from the street who had to stop by to see what all the fun was about!!!!

Thanks so much to the Spotty Dog Books and Ale for having me, David for his never ending support, and all my friends who came and stayed and sang and smiled at me for a bit of time....I hope I get to do that again, and soon!!!!

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