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Saturday, July 25, 2009

What To Do? Oh, What To Do.....

It has been hard for me for a while to sort out the sort of things I used to like to talk about here. I made another site up for the Neil Young stuff because some of my readers aren't into constant posting about Neil's latest cool video or interview. I also like to post here about my adventures in music making.....but I am thinking that posting about my efforts to overcome my stage fright may be frightening to potential venue owners who may be thinking of asking me to gig....LOL.

This summer has been full of new ventures and good times and lots of support for my music...seems I don't quite know how to report on those things without it appearing that I am tooting my own horn.

So my blog, that I still love, sits empty of my current thoughts, my life, my musings....surely something I have to correct if I want to keep on keeping on...

I have recently started yet another blog, though I have not worked on it to bring it up to is a blog that will be JUST the music, a place I can send people who are associated with the 'business' part of my music life. The more 'Public Face' of my music. And I hope to keep this as it is....

So look here for writings about ARF and getting ready for it!!! well as the practice that will lead up to my gig in August. Of course, only if you are interested in my thoughts about these things!!!!

Feels good to post SOMETHING!!! LOL

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