Sunday, July 26, 2009

Henry Hudson Quadracentenial in Hudson, of course

I saw Tao Rodriquez Seeger (Pete Seegers grandson) play tonight...what an amazing set!! He really was on fire...plays folk music to a rock beat. Fantastic sound....

Then we had fireworks...with a band loop that played twenty times if it played once. If there was a wall around, I would have climbed it.

Calmed down at Mexican Radio with a nice margarita made with Herrerdas...ok, that is not the spelling and spellcheck is not working.

Also saw The Verrailes, a group of three women who had such tight, wonderful harmonies...that was so nice.

Went and checked out the Spotty Dog after that....they have some really really fine local beers on tap....

I had a very very pleasant evening tonight!!

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