Saturday, April 4, 2009

Losing a Friend

I grew up with the Connors. They lived in the little hamlet that we went to on Sunday mornings to get the paper. The store in that hamlet was Lighthart's, and we Miller girls loved the place....

And I knew where the Connors lived. I think the house was yellow back then, like mine. I was only in it once, for a very brief time, to pick something up.

I knew Robbie, though. He was in my class in high school. What I remember most about him was his smile. Always smiling and always friendly, even to me (i wasn't very popular). His best friend was Tom. I knew them mostly through Debbie. They were the friends that I think would have been better friends if we let ourselves know each other instead of trying to be cool, like we all did back then.

I found out that Robbie is dead today. I guess from cancer (family requests donation). I am so sorry. I am not sure where I saw him last, but it may have been my class reunion. I think it was Robbie (or maybe Tom) that said one of those perfectly defining 'statements of the moment'.

We were having a picnic as part of our reunion weekend at a park that didn't exist when we were graduating high school. As we made our way into the woods....a small group of us, each looking back over our shoulders at the classmates we left behind....Robbie said, 'Some things never change'......You probably had to be there.

Robbie was a friend of mine.
An old friend. Funny, I was thinking today of his brother, Donnie. He plays guitar and we had spoken about getting together and seeing what we could do. Found out when i moved here that he did the plumbing in this house that I live in....

It hurts that I will never see Robbie again.

He was not only a good person, he was a special person. I always knew that, and always wanted to know him better. Now, i will never have that chance. That is sad.

Seize the day. It is the only one you have.

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  1. I'm sorry for your loss, Marilyn.
    Isn't it sad we get wise as we age, often after the facts. But it's not too late to move in a positive direction, starting in the morning.
    Go out and feel the rays, of sun, or like today the heavy mist, It was like natures shower on me this morning. After thinking what a dark and ugly day, I turned it around, looked up at the mist and made the most of it, and in doing so turned my negitive thoughts into a positive.
    Pollyannish, sure but it worked
    Much love and strength, Jill


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