Saturday, January 10, 2009

On a Saturday Night

Here I sit, alone on a Saturday Night. I wrote a song about the search to never be alone on a Saturday Night. But, surprisingly, on this very snowy Saturday Night, I feel good. The moon is full but I can not see it. The clouds prohibit it. But, thanks to Jenny and Jilly reminding me about the wonders of walking in the snow, I took a walk outside on this very snowy night. And that settled me with its beauty.

I remember walking in the snow up in Windham. Dylan, Mary and Me. A chill went up my spine when I realized that I am the only one left here on earth of that trilogy.....

My favorite times walking in Windham was when I walked with my sister's kids, Katrina and Nathan. They were young and full of the magic of new things.....and walking in the snow in the Catskill Mountains was something they had never before experienced...well, me neither....and it was magic. We would walk with a kerosene lamp designed for a barn. I still have that lamp, but not for long...left it in the rain and the rust is taking it. Too bad. Rust Never Sleeps.

When I did errands in town today, the streets were barren....but I soon found out why. Everybody was in Price Chopper or Shop Rite, getting ready for the storm. Increased my shopping time, but probably minimized my spending. That is good.

I thought that considering my driveway was solid ice, with snow expected, I should get some salt. But Price Chopper and the farm type store were all out. Had to go to the old discount/closeout store. I wonder if there really is salt in those bags???

You could tell that we were expecting a storm....people were all excited. When the guy brought my salt out to the car for me (yeah, I am getting that old, I guess), the snow had JUST STARTED to fall. We both said, Here It Comes!!! if we were looking forward to it.

A snowy night. I can stay home and be at peace....

I hung doors today in my livingroom. Ok, I REHUNG doors. Funny how doors that once fit, fit no more. But I had to pare down surfaces to get them to close....Obviously, that is why I put them there, so I had something to close. And I wanted them to close...without scraping all the paint off the jambs. They do, now. It gives a 'closed' feeling to my livingroom. I think I like it. They are white, like my walls used to be (remember nan and toni???, you two were some of the first people ever here...and both of you left your marks in my cool!!!!)The kitchen looks neat through the french doors...literally....neat. Much nicer than I know it is, like how anyones house looks so interesting and neat and wonderful through the window at night from the street......I like the french doors. I wonder if they are the original doors for this house.

This house was built in four sections, with the first part being the livingroom and bathroom and loft type room now. That is very tiny. Then the kitchen was added and finally the two tiny front rooms. Finally, what should be a heated porch was built, but because of no door it is actually the suction that keeps fresh air moving around the house endlessly (read 'draft'). They obviously ran out of money and maybe brains. The room needs to be is the newest part of the house, and the only part rotting off.....

Nope, tonight it is ok to be alone here, on a saturday night. Maybe i will go work on that song a little.

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