Sunday, January 18, 2009

On a Saturday Night Part 2

Yesterday was Saturday night, and my friends kenny and todd and michelle and maryanne and paul all came by to talk and laugh and YES, to sing a little. I really enjoy our singing now, as folks seem to be a little more comfortable with it, and so am I. So I sang my song for them "On a Saturday Night". Since they told me it was good enough to play in public, I recorded it today. It should be the first song in the ReverbNation Widget to the right of this column, right here on the first page of my blog! Let me know what you think of it, either by emailing or commenting, ok? And yes, I know it would sound so much better with drums and bass and lead guitar...but I don't have those things. Imagine them there, like I do....LOL.


  1. Hey, Marilyn. Played your song for Molly did not say whose it was and asked her what she thought she said: "It's good, it sounds folk - like Neil Young."
    : )
    Thought you would just LOVE that. ; )
    Keep playin' and singin',
    xo Eileen

  2. Eileen, thank you so very much for listening, sharing and then commenting!!! i am glad that molly hears the neil connection!!!


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