Monday, May 25, 2020

COVID Continues... and so does live streaming.....

I know. This is getting old. I want to sing to PEOPLE....

...not a computer screen. But it is not yet the time. We have to continue social distancing to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and even people we don't know. And that is OK. What is most important is that we are all alive to tell the stories of ISOLATION in the future!

SO- I am continuing my 'Brunch with Marilyn' series through June. Every Sunday at 1 pm, EST time, I will be on my computer doing a live show for 30-45 minutes. If you have not yet checked it out, feel free to do so. After the performance, I leave the video up for people to watch----AND I have discovered how to stream to several different platforms at the same time. That means that NOW you can watch me live in several places OR watch later where ever you feel most comfortable. This is a list of links so you can catch the show either when I broadcast (make sure you say hi so I know you are there!!!) and later on at your best convenience!!

These are the links: (Click on the name and it will take you there)

My website (YEAH! Right here!)    The LIVE window is here, on the first page, under the album player. Generally, it will be blank except when I am streaming. However, I see that it links to all the other places you can see me live.... Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.... so if you forget the links, try this FIRST. On some of those channels, you can 'follow' me, which I THINK will allow you to get reminders according to the schedule I pick (Sunday at 1 pm, EST). PLEASE, if you watch here, let me know how it goes because I (obviously) can't check it out myself!!!

Facebook Live   It is here that most people follow me! Did you know you can also be notified whenever I have a live stream? Look for the link..... Be a part of the group there or start a trend at one of the other streams!!!  I know a lot of folks don't like Facebook and that is ok... I am looking forward to people telling me how it goes at the other sites.

Twitch- Never heard of it? Me either, but I have seen a few shows over there, and the stream is pretty good. I hope my stream is also!!! Please let me know if you try it and what your experience is. It looks like copies are not stored there either  (update... there is a place for it, but my live stream from yesterday is not visible)... it might be that the only place to see old sessions are Facebook and YouTube. The GREAT thing about Twitch is that you can sign up to be notified of streaming activity on the folks you follow there. (Twitch is not primarily a music site, it is mostly a gaming site). 

YouTubeLive  It looks like this is the place to go to watch me LIVE NOW.  It has a chat that I believe I can see from my software. AGAIN, I would LOVE to have someone check it out this Sunday and let me know!!!  Click on this link or the link on my website... I made up the title youtubelive... LOL

YouTube, My Channel  And this is where to watch a past live stream. There are two there now for you to check out.. the first that I manually uploaded when I started streaming, and the last one using the new streaming software that I have. If you are not sure you want to go through the hassle of remembering to check it out live, you can certainly go take a look right now....

OK. I think this is the story!!! See you Sunday! Spread my live streams around to your friends if you enjoy them. And mostly.... be SAFE!!!!

See you soon out there!!!!

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