Saturday, February 2, 2019

I Thanked Neil Young for wonderful shows in Minneapolis!!!

The story...

My friend saved me from buying anything at Nordstrom's by asking if I wanted lunch. No, but I'd appreciate the company. We hung out. Then I walked with him to near his place cause I was bored walking around here, and I went through that neat building I posted pics of today (on facebook). 

When I came back through the skyway, there was his son, Ben Young with a group of people around him.  One of those people was Neil Young, who was looking right at me when I looked at him. So, to be polite of course, I said, 'Hi Neil!'!!!!. he said 'Hi' back and smiled. I kept walking. 

But. He. Was. Right. There. My hero.

I turned around and walked past the group again. I heard Neil say as I walked past, Ok, this way, and they started down the hall behind me!!! I had just wanted to walk a ways past them and see if I could get a pic, but that was now impossible. So, I paused to look at something on the wall and collect my thoughts, got some courage and turned and walked right past them again. When I looked at Neil, he's already looking right at me. Again. (Maybe it was the NY hoodie? Or The 90 minutes I had right under his feet yesterday? Lol.) So I said something like, 'I just wanted to say, I am really enjoying these shows here in this place.' He nodded, and a big smile, and said, 'thank you very much' in that real sincere way that he says it from the stage... and we both kept walking. 


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