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Thanks to WGXC and Tom Roe, I have this complete version of my song, Something We Can Do.
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Wednesday, March 7, 2018


I read some motivational writers, and a strong message is, SHOW UP. It really is the first step in absolutely every endeavor you can undertake.

Every. Single. One.

SHOW UP. It is so important. I find that if I show up, and ignore distractions (turn off facebook), automatically, *something* gets done. Yep, I do have a To-Do List (Google Keep) and a goal list (Habit Bull). I also track projects (Trello) such as gig searching, show planning and even yard maintenance! And what would I do without Google Calender and Reverbnation widgets!!! If you don't know me, you likely think I am SO ORGANIZED. Those that know me, well... they can tell you.

But... SHOW UP. Show up first to plan. I want to learn my fretboard and leave behind my status as a First Position Queen. I would love to be able to add some harp to my own songs. I want to write more. There are so many good cover songs out there to learn. Walk two miles every day.

If I don't show up, none of these things can happen.

So I show up. And I still procrastinate. As a matter of fact, PLANNING can be a BIG way to procrastinate. So, I am adding JUST KEEP MOVING to the SHOW UP strategy.

For example, I find scales to be a terribly boring activity. I only want to practice the same song maybe twice. After about an hour of trying to find a rhyme that works and expresses, I am fried. I don't have enough air to blow more than a couple songs on the harp.

But, if I do a scale, then do a song, then work on the rhyme and blow some harp and then another scale and go around the circle again.... THAT I can do. And believe it or not, it also feels right to me. It fits me. It has long been my strategy for doing work in the yard, and now I am applying it to the creative parts of my life and I am thinking it is a good way to try....

Maybe it won't fit you, but if you think about it, maybe you can come up with a strategy that will help YOU show up!!

Ok, enough time 'blogging', time to go do some vocal practice!!