Sunday, March 9, 2014


What a long, hard, cold winter it has been.
My yard is STILL covered in snow.
 But there are signs of spring out there.....
Birds are flying and singing!!
 People are on the move!!
We are saving Daylight again (LOL)!!

......and HUDSON BUSK is out in front of Mexican Radio, Hudson, NY, singing and playing for some happy passersby....

Children are fascinated by the sight of people singing and playing guitars on the street.

Adults who are scowling as they rush uptown, start to smile when they see us.

Fellow musicians stop by and add some songs to the mix.

Hudson Busk is all about:


Sharing Music

Having a good time!

Come and join us, stop by to see us, sing a tune with us.... you will find us most Saturdays, singing in front of Mexican Radio, Starting NOW!!!

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