Sunday, November 10, 2013

Nursing Home Gig

There are so many opportunities to Share Music.

Like yesterday. I jokingy told my friends that I finally have a gig at a nursing home!!


BUT.... the gig, like so many others, was another lesson on the power of music.

People who can hardly talk, who don't remember their adult children anymore, who just turn away if you talk to them, respond to live music right in from of them.... they smile, move, some sing!!! Music lights up the room!!! Staff dance past us,  One calls over, "Come and take this to the other units, they need this too!!" One lady says to us, 'Dont stop now!!' (Of course, right before I figure we should be closing it up).

It helped that my friend, Mike, brought his two kids along, and cymon is a wonderfully developing musician!!! But it did not seem to me that the children were the main interest.

No, it was the sound. The music. And these folks are not starved for it, I know that they have sing alongs two evenings/week..... but they loved what we did, anyway, even if they only knew a couple songs (I Got You Babe and Smoke that Cigarette were easily two favorites!!).

We did good, doing that gig. My mom was happy.

I think we helped make my moms first Saturday at the nursing home a little more pleasant.

Music heals. It draws people together, if gives infinite enjoyment.

Thank you, music!!!!!


  1. This was so cool of you and your friends to do for our Mom, music has and will always be a gift from the heart!

  2. That is so cool. Marilyn, you and your friends came to sing for people who can't get out/or go to see a performance. Music has and always will be a gift from the heart.


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