Sunday, April 14, 2013

Middle of the Night

Last Sunday, I got so bored that I wrote a song. I shouldn't wait until I am bored to write, but that is how that one happened. I had recorded a little snippet of an easy chord progression with a melody a few weeks ago, fooling around in the morning on the guitar..... I have lots of these little riffs/melodies/progressions/ideas on my phone, computer, tablet.

Sometimes they turn into songs.

My favorite way of writing a song is to have one of those little riff/melody things going around in my head until I start hearing the words or a phrase that fits the feeling of the music..... I have written a few songs that way, by LISTENING to the music tell me what it wants to say.....

Sounds crazy? maybe it is...... and maybe all art is crazy....

But my new song is 'Middle of the Night', and what really was fascinating about the process of writing the song is that that phrase fit PERFECTLY into the original melody that I was singing a couple weeks ago.... and I wrote the song in less than an hour. It has had a couple tweaks, but over all, I think it will continue as it is. I played it at the Folk Jam in Malden Bridge this past Friday, and got some real nice comments, so it goes into the 'keeper' category.

I did record it, but there are some embarrassing mistakes in the recording (made just for me to remember the song when I am old and can't recall so I will have to do it again..... or maybe it will have to wait for the next record.... yep, gotta start planning that too......  :)

LISTEN HERE (changed my mind about re-recording it)


  1. I was at Malden Bridge, ands loved the feeling and imagery your new song provoked! A nice nostalgic impression. Definitely hope to hear it again. Very impressed you write it in an hour, and weren't out in the yard in the middle of the night!

  2. Thank you so VERY much!!! I am happy you liked it!


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