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Friday, March 23, 2012

Professional Enough?

I have been told before that my website is not 'professional enough'. I have often wondered what that means. Is it because I talk about stage fright? I don't have enough promotional things? I don't talk about touring or shows, but about regular people making music in my home town? I really don't know and if someone can tell me I would appreciate it. Not that I want to change this site..... But I would like to know what those folks mean.....

Maybe I could find out it I networked enough. Maybe if I paid some money and had one of those professional site builders redesign me. Or took a class on how to market myself. Yeah, that would do it. I would get more offers on Sonic Bids for gigs down in New York where I have to guarantee 25 paid tickets, and only after that do I get a percentage of the door. And did I mention I get a full 40 minutes to play!

Maybe, since I haven't gotten too many reviews on my CD, I should pay someone to write one. Or even pay for a bunch of 'market experts' that don't usually listen to my genre, to critically appraise my work. I can then use those things to help write my bio..... I will then have a bunch of quotes to use all over my site, make it look like folks all over are talking about me. Would that be more professional?

When I first started on this journey, I just wanted to enjoy making music with other Neil Young fans. Then I found out how much fun it was to play in front of an audience. That gets cool real quick. THEN, I found out how much even better it feels to play your OWN songs with others in front of an audience, particularly one that listens and cares. WOW.

At that point, I was just happy being able to play. But it became apparent that I could get better gigs if I had a CD to send, professionally produced, of course. And, after spending all that money on those CDs, I should promote them, sell them, try to find people to help promote (radio, print, blog). And to do that, there are lots of people out there willing to take my money to 'help' me make my goal......

But really, what is my goal???

I am never going to make even extra spending money making music, let alone cover my expenses making those CDs. I am not going to tour. I would love to do house concerts, but my website is not professional enough.

So I am one of those musicians who takes the local gigs, for no pay, just for the love of playing music with my friends for an audience.  The professional musicians complain to me about that, but I think that if I (or someone like me) didn't play those gigs, there just wouldn't be any live music in that venue. Co-ops, coffeeshops and farmers markets are not exactly rolling in the dough.... I really don't think I am taking work from anyone.....

I invite people into my gigs, just as so many people have done for me.  I encourage people all around me to participate in the music...... Not elitist enough, I suspect.

I guess I am just not professional enough...... but I do get people to laugh and smile and dance and feel GOOD.... and that makes me feel good.

I am who and what I am..... and I will keep at it.....

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