Sunday, May 1, 2011

what about that record?

It will be about 35 minutes long, 10 songs, so I don't know what that
makes it.....longer than an EP, but not quite an LP??? lol....

I have LOTS of instrumentation- from just a piano, a viola and a guitar to a full rocking-
out  band....songs that include fiddle, steel and electric guitars....there are a couple simple folky songs, but also rock, jam, country, blues and pop to round it all out--all my own songs. 

I am flat out amazed at the musicians i have on the album, they are all masters at their craft and they took my simple tunes and visions of what i wanted the songs to be, and made magic....

....and Todd Mack, the producer, has an ear and a sense of how to get to the
truth of the song that is just amazing....


  1. marilyn, i am so excited about this album!!! and i love that pic of you!! :)

  2. thank you betsi!! my friend jill took that pic... looking up warren street, you know.... :)

  3. That is a great picture and good that you are doing an album, My sister doing an album, just blows my mind... Who a thought as we were growing up you would be here at this point in your life, when we were listening to ( of course the great time for music)all the CSNY and S&G and Bob D.

  4. thank you....yeah, it has been a long road to get here, and i often wish i had started much sooner, and had more confidence and listened less to the people who told me to shut

    but at least i am doing it now, and it is more fun and meaningful that i could have imagined....and a LOT more work....LOL LOL LOL

  5. the pic was taken by my good friend, jill seagraves, who has taken most of the pics that you see with me and a guitar....


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