Thursday, March 31, 2011

Now we are finished tracking....

So, it is done.
Well, the tracking is (that is, the actual recording of all the parts) it will be mixed and mixed and mixed.
It was only a couple months ago I didn't even know what 'mixed' or 'tracking' really meant.....and I still want to get down my thoughts from the process of making the record.
After all, I will never have another 'First Record' and I know that next time, it will be a whole different kettle of fish.
Let me say this though....I LOVE singing in the studio. I don't even mind the nit-picking little 'the way you sang night here is better than when you sang it there', because I have learned so much about making a sound that (I sincerely hope) is a good one that folks will want to listen to more than once.....
I love the WORK involved in creating songs, in developing melodies and crafting words and finding ways to accompany that on instruments. And, I now LOVE the work of crafting those words, melodies and instruments into a recording.
I have a great team working with me, a wonderful, supportive, fun team of musicians, the engineer and the producer.
I can't wait to hear what we made....

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