Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

There are some themes at this time of year that I cherish. Don't mistake me. My spiritual beliefs are not focused on a man who lived long ago. But there are some threads that run through this season that are very meaningful to me. It is a good christmas when these things are brought into focus for me.

One theme that runs through the stories and traditions of christmas is that of light....the star of Bethlehem, candles, the lights that folk put in their yards that illuminate the countryside....there are strong images of light in dark places that is truly a message of hope -- a good thing to think about, both for the whole at large and for us each individual little folk...

Then there is giving. Notice I don't say GIFTS, I say giving. Because there are all sorts of ways to do that. Sometimes something tangible is what is required. But many times, the things you remember have more to do with giving something of spirit that touches another human in some special way....

Finally, there is music. The songs of the angels, the carols we sing....everywhere there is music, and it is all ok, as long as it is done with spirit!!!!

May you find peace in the giving, in the light and in the music of this season.....and a happy new year too!!!

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